The CoDesignS Framework and cards were originally developed at the University of Liverpool in 2016. The framework and cards have been applied by different universities in different sectors.

Healthcare – Medical Education

The CoDesignS Framework developed at the University of Liverpool in 2016 focused on the design of learning and teaching activities by clinical and educational supervisors. All the activities suggested by that version of the CoDesigns Framework aimed to support workplace learning; practice based learning and practical assessments. The cards were mapped to the Academy of Medical Educators’ Professional Standards Framework, the General Medical Council guidelines (Tomorrow’s Doctors) and the Advance HE Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF).
Download the Healthcare CoDesignS cards here!

Learning Design Bootcamp

The Learning Design Bootcamp uses a repurposed version of CoDesignS. The blue and green cards showcase examples of some of the learning activities developed by members of the Bootcamp teams.
Download the Bootcamp CoDesignS cards here!

M25 Learning Technology Group

A workshop introducing the CoDesignS framework was delivered to the M25 Learning Technology Group (LTG) on Friday 16 November 2018. The workshop involved all attendees applying the CoDesignS framework using examples from different universities in London.
Download the M25 LTG CoDesignS cards here!

CEG Digital

Cambridge Education Group Digital (CEG Digital) uses a repurposed version of CoDesignS to support the design and development of its online programmes. The blue and green cards showcase examples of online learning activities developed with different CEG partners: Queen Mary University of London, Falmouth University, University of Hull, among others.
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A workshop introducing the CoDesignS framework was delivered at the Royal Veterinary College – University of London on 16 July 2016. The CoDesignS Framework was introduced and applied to facilitate the design of blended learning activities in the delivery of the RVC Spiral Curriculum.
Download the RVC CoDesignS cards here!

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